Request Oxide for Raft

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Werkrat, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Can you add some basic support for Raft, or point me to some kind of guide on how to do it myself? It doesn't have its own console so it'd have to use Oxide's.
  2. Raft doesn't support dediceded servers yet.
    Becaude raft is still in the alpha version.
    Untill raft support dediceded servers it won't be able to use oxide on it
  3. Wulf

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    Actually, we've supported listen servers before and made dedicated servers from clients. We just don't have the game so can't really dig into it.
  4. I wouldn't waste my time on that game. I can't really see plugin capabilities for that game. Unless each player has their own raft / island or something there isn't something I can see needing plugins. There are a few client trainers that work across all clients in your game.
  5. Wulf

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    Sounds like The Forest then, pretty much p2p and very little control from whoever is hosting it.
  6. Pretty much. There isn't really much you can do in the game. I will admit the game was fun to play but you can basically get to the current end of the game in like 4 hours. All you do is sit on a raft and collect garbage from the ocean and attempt to craft stuff to improve your raft.
  7. I posted this request before finding the RaftModLoader project, so I guess Oxide isn't really necessary after all. It's true server hosts don't have a ton of control, but I've added quite a few tweaks that have made it a little more enjoyable.