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  1. VladimirKzi

    VladimirKzi Naked Wanderer

    Pls, add this hooks in Oxide for Hurtworld ItemV2.

    drill1.jpg drill2.jpg

    animal1.jpg animal2.jpg
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  2. miodek

    miodek Naked Wanderer

    @Wulf it is possible to add this?
  3. klauz24

    klauz24 Plugin Developer

    Would be very nice, we need this for LootConfig at Itemv2 @Wulf
  4. sjsoft

    sjsoft Scavenger

  5. miodek

    miodek Naked Wanderer

    Thanks <3
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  6. klauz24

    klauz24 Plugin Developer

    Can you approve these please @Wulf?
  7. Kaidoz

    Kaidoz Naked Wanderer

    I also endorse of this
  8. [Mr][Fallen]

    [Mr][Fallen] Naked Wanderer

    @Wulf u can make this. do it plz!