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  1. TeddyBearHunter

    TeddyBearHunter Naked Wanderer

    I recently rented a server through BlueFang, they offer great access to all the files I need but I cant seem to get all of the files to work. The Plugins I currently use and need help with are:

    The Teleportation plugin says I dont have access to tp to others

    In the warp system, in game it doesnt give me any help. Its like the plugin isnt working.

    With the Teleport Plugin, it only allows me to set 1 home and I cant find in the config files where it says to change the number of homes I can give.

    I am also looking for a plugin that would make an area like a safe zone or indestructible area, and a tool that allows me to edit large spaces of land instead of having to spend time digging it out.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017