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  1. Scriptzyy

    Scriptzyy Naked Wanderer

    Hey all,

    So I've currently got a plugin in the "awaiting approval" stage although I found a major bug in my plugin after I uploaded it. I've fixed the bug but I can't upload an update until the plugin has been approved.

    My concern with this is that if I'm not online or even if I'm away when the plugin gets approved, and users download the plugin for use, it would cause inconvenience or in some cases break servers.

    I have a few ideas that could improve this:
    • After a plugin gets reviewed and approved, the author of the plugin has to click some type of "Publish" or "Go Live" button with also an option to update the plugin before going live. (Update not replace)
    • An option to change the plugin from "stable" to "unstable" while in the "awaiting approval"
    • An option to pause the ability to download the plugin so the author has time to update the plugin

    Thanks in advance <3
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    This is a limitation of the XenForo Resource Manager. I don't see any custom changes being made to it though.
  3. Scriptzyy

    Scriptzyy Naked Wanderer

    Ah I see, thanks for the reply