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  1. tomasekpro

    tomasekpro Scavenger

    Hello guys, I make Beacon (show way to Airdrop)
    I did a 2 timers. 1 check if 0 players on server (true = stop timer 2) and second spam this: ConsoleNetworker.SendClientCommand(player.netPlayer, "notice.popup 3f, B " + Facepunch.Utility.String.QuoteSafe(distance1));

    but if on server 5 people.. and 1 player left during this Beacon (Airdrop)
    it writing error..

    After 10 minutes timers stop.. It stop too...

    I want make it for /beacon (TOGGLE)
  2. Ramil

    Ramil Scavenger

    bool enable=false;
    void toggle(NetUser netuser)
    if (enable) enable=false;
    else if (!enable) enable=true;
    i no tesing this code.