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  1. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer


    I create server. On one server i look plugin or mod for logs C4-boom and his location and time.
    And full comand server - log. My server not full comand logs.

    I write in console or char-console: "/kit vip" - kits for VIP or "g 144 1" - giveitem ID COUNT
    Open logs file, open logs-file chat - not this writen.

    Plugin Logger - not working for comand in Hurtworld?

    How log c4-boom and location?
    How write comand sent server admin - in logs-file "comand"?

    Game: Hurtworld
    Oxcide 2.0.3181 for
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

  3. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer

    Not working in Hurtworld.
    I downloading ti plugin and copy in my folder Oxcide\plugin.
    Next step: Open config and on flags:true.
    Next ctep: Reload Plugin in console server.

    3 file create:


    Not file logger_comand-2017-04-18

    What i do incorupt?
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Did you enable the command logging in the config file?
  5. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer

    Code (Text):
     "Log Chat (true/false)": true,
      "Log Commands (true/false)": true,
      "Log Connections (true/false)": true,
      "Log Disconnections (true/false)": true,
      "Log Respawns (true/false)": true,
      "Log to Console (true/false)": true
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Might have missed something then, but I'd make sure your server is using the latest Oxide build too.

    If you'd like to log commands though, you can use this hook: Oxide API for Hurtworld.
  7. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer

    Wulf, please read my first message.

    I write version oxcide: quote repeat
    @GAME: Hurtworld
    Oxcide 2.0.3181 for

    this last version???

    and code my consoly

    08:24 [Info] Oxide 2.0.3181 for Hurtworld (48)
  8. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer

    I dont know how use this API, i lern in University Delphi and Pascal. PHP, html, CSS. Not C#, C++, Pyton or other.

    Pleae instruction how i am doing patch or plugin in my server.
  9. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer

    I update Oxcide

    Oxide 2.0.3195 for Hurtworld (48)
    Not logger file in comand plugin logger. (((

    Administrators use commands, and it is impossible to look at it. Also I do not see if anyone tries to hack the server.

    Can you check the plugin and finish it?
    It would be very convenient to also make a plug-in for viewing who put c4, where, how much. Also a raider drill.

    Sorry translate - Google Translater.
    Thank you in advance
  10. i-593

    i-593 Naked Wanderer

    API for Hurtworld

    This is not working
    Code (Text):
    void OnRemoteCommand(PlayerSession session, string command)
        Puts("OnRemoteCommand works!");
    OnRemoteCommand - not Puts.

    But work this:
    Code (Text):
            void TestCommand(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
                player.Reply("Test successful!");
    One problem, print this code for ever command in all plugin. And + create code for write log-file.