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  1. BrenMG

    BrenMG Naked Wanderer

    So I am just curious as to how I load a world that already has saved progress on it, into the world that the server is running.
  2. Derp Gone Pro

    Derp Gone Pro Naked Wanderer

    I also would like to know this
  3. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Just drop your existing saves from the normal The Forest save location to your saves/Slot0 folder and overwrite the old.
  4. Chuck1992

    Chuck1992 Scavenger


    I just bought this game with couple of friends to play, but we wanted to make the lobby that i host playable if i am not there to play. I managed to get it starting but i can't seem to get the previous saves properly working.

    We had a compound but when i moved the saves all gates were removed and our player statistics and inventory was not there and we had to start over with our characters.

    Is there a way that i can make it possible that our character saves can be loaded aswell?
    Because the save system is a total mess and i don't know sure what to place where to make all savefiles work correctly.
    If there is no option to load character saves we don't mind starting over but we wanted to know if we can still work with our excisting save when i host the lobby on the semi-dedicated server?

    I tried google and searching here but didn't find any particular and clear solution of what steps to take to make it actually work 100%

    Thanks in advance,

  5. Porkchop Bob

    Porkchop Bob Naked Wanderer

    We have already spent 40 hours on it, so we would like to continue on a semi-dedicated servers. I just can't get the .bat file to load this specific save file. Thanks in advance.
  6. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer


    Character saves are client side. Your first step is being able to load the previous game world. If you get through the below two posts hopefully you can achieve that and then you will find what you are after.---


    I struggled with this a few years ago, then finally got most of it working regarding the saves. However we abandoned the method because the auto save didn't work. Now auto save as a function does work at around the five minute and thirty three second intervals.

    The server saves it under 'saves' in the Forest game directory. If you have previous content, one would imagine dropping it in there should do the trick however it has not for me.

    The game made a \saves\multiplayer\0 folder and in it I put my previous server files :


    I then loaded the game via the script and ran over to where the base should be. Sadly it wasn't there.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  7. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer


    I went through of old server backups and found one that had a '_save_game_data_ ' file in it. Given what I know of the Forest save structure, that file does not exist to the native game. It must have been from my previous successful save import with the Oxide script.

    Then, took that data and pasted it into the saves\multiplayer\0 folder and overwrote the files.
    When I started the server, again, no notice about trees ...looked like it was not going to work.

    I let the server save once by itself and then closed it. Upon looking in the saves folder again, now there was a 'Slot1' folder <--that seems more familiar, like the structure used by the game normally. Inside it was the generic data/save from the world I just made. I then took the previously saved data I pasted into the '0' folder a minute ago, and pasted it into this new Slot 1 folder.

    After another server restart, I saw lots of NullRefrenceException errors about Object references not being found but I just barely caught a glimpse of a message about xxx amount of trees being cut down.

    Also when I tried to join my server, in teh game list instead of 'join' it offered 'new' or 'continue.' A promising sign!
    Upon entering the game I was back in the base with all my stuff.

    So in this case the character saves are not being held by the server, only be the client. In short, if you never moved your saves or deleted them on your original computer/Steam account, then it should be working when you join a server.

    Unfortunately I am not certain how I forced the game to make a 'slot1' folder but I am curious for others if you manually make that folder and then dump your content in there, will it work?

    EDIT: Server running at normal 550fps without using the save files. Soon as the Null errors start spamming, it drops to 25fps. Seems OK in game, not sure if that is just the cmd window's fps measurement tanking.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  8. Cr4nkSt4r

    Cr4nkSt4r Naked Wanderer

    ATM when I close the Server, then start the Server again and try to connect with continue or join, I can't get past the message "Starting Client".
    I can't resume any progress, no game world and no character inv.

    There was mentioned the save system doesn't work 100%, but for me it is 0% after 7 tries, so I want to ask if tere is some new infrmation about the save systen :)

    ~ regards

    BTW, the "workaround" from Host 2 doesn't work for me, tested many hours.

    [2nd Edit]
    My post got merged with this topic, have to be from a staff member, but not answered, why not making both?
    The last status update about proper saving after server restart was a longer time ago.
    Answers like, the server make the same as the client, don't help because there have to be some difference in saving OR loading the saves.
    If I save with normal Client, start with normal Client and then reconnect my alt it works, but not with Oxidemod server, so they can't do the same for sure. So an answer about this topic would be nice because the Server can crash anytime and then, its f*cked up :-/
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  9. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer

    Probably most alarming Cr4nk is that whenever the discussion of saves comes up, Wulf has seemed to stay clear as much as possible. We understand it's not working 100% but you'd think there would be some documentation on how to at least load previously saved world content.

    Cr4nk do you have a save_game_data file already? I could give you mine at least so you can kick start your own(provided you have your original game /server files). I'm also experimenting with making a fake save file.

    The objective is to make the game create a Slot1 folder. Once that's done, you can dump your old files inside.
  10. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Alarming? No, the problem is that I haven't been able to get it working fully yet, so the answer will be the same as my previous and will continue to be until I can verify that it works for everyone. There is no documentation as it still very buggy and has numerous issues as you can see by the discussion section. Because of the numerous issues and limitations of the game, it hasn't been a high priority in comparison to the many other tasks I have on my plate. The good news though is that it is open source, so if anyone wants to step forward and help, they're more than welcome to.

    Honestly though, I should just remove support for it until others are able to contribute toward helping resolve the issues or when I have more time to try to figure it out.
  11. Cr4nkSt4r

    Cr4nkSt4r Naked Wanderer

    If I first start the server, everything works fine. It creates the 0 folder after save, put some fles in, ready.
    I can connect and reconnect with my alt, no problems.
    Then I restart the server. Then, when I try to connect, also saved my inv on the first run of the server with my alt, I stuck in the Starting Client screen.
    I have to delete my local savefiles so I have to join without a existing savefile.
    This done, the server do load a new game, obv. and save this time after the auto save in the Slot1, so I think Slot 1 will only be created if 0 folder already exists.
    Then, everything works fine again, until I restart the server again. If that was done, I try to connect to the server and again get stuck on the Starting Client screen.
    The only difference is, the server now print the following in console:

    Code (Text):
    Server is connected to steam
    Turning off 33 trees that were cut down
    NullReferenceException: Object reference no
    No plane crash position
    P2P Session with *censored* accepted
    This time he tell me that I cut down 33 trees, I only cut 1 for testing, then, the other new part, which is an error, is No plane crash position, maybe this have something to do with the error overall, that the server can't load the position of my plane crash but server have to be saved that and also my client saved the last state before restarting the server.

    Maybe this info is useful if anyone have the time to havea look into this.

    My folder structure:

    Code (Text):
    The Forest
        |_ 0
          |_ __RESUME__
          |_ __RESUME__prev
          |_ _Save_Game_Data_
          |_ info
        |_ Slot1
          |_ __RESUME__
          |_ __RESUME__prev
          |_ _Save_Game_Data_
          |_ _Save_Game_Data_prev
          |_ info
    So there seems to be a difference between both saves, the latest one in Slot1 got Save_Game_Data_prev which folder 0 doesn't have.

    Maybe it has something todo with the character on the Server Account.
    If you play as a person, you skip or watch the intro, maybe the game generates then where this crash is, also the original spawn point. Because the Server Account isn't visual, the server hasn't this crash point in its save, so it loads the game but hasn't this point set.
    So the error occours and didn't let anyone join because server didn't do the crash but has an save file so everyone who will connect can't spawn because there is no spawn where the crash will happen.
    So maybe I have to start with the server user with graphics an game, move him outside the plane, let him build an savepoint, save te game and then move this savefile to the servers savefile.
    Then there should be this spawnpoint.
    I'll try this later and report :)

    Please, don't misunderstand me, this topic is for The Forest players on high prio but don't have to be yours, but some feedback as you did is enough and people know it isn't ignored, I didn't want to offend you, all this stuff wouldn't even possible without you (and your team?) so I wuldn't harm anyone who do this work for free to help the community. I was try'n more then 10 hours to get an save (inventory and map) to load properly, it isn't that thing I would only complaining :(

    I'm not a programmer in that language but I have a lot of understanding but I think I can't help in the technical stuff, but the source is downloadable, so I'll look into my quoted parts if I find some logic or something, there is a little chance I can find something but I think you would find it if it was that easy, but at least I'll try.

    ~ regards
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  12. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    No worries and not offended, just stating that it's very unstable right now and proven to be a bit of a challenge to get all of it working properly and without issues. None of the other team members have expressed interest in working on it, so it's on my low priority list right now. I'm backlogged on a lot of other tasks, but hopefully I can get back to this soon and try to figure out more with it. I have some WIP changes for it locally, but sadly it doesn't solve the major issues yet.
  13. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer

    My long winded response can wait for another day though in short, to say that it's not a priority, means you misunderstand the severity of what was told to you a long time ago - with no save mechanism in place, the script is pointless.

    It's been stable for a while and achieving it's basic function, what do you want us to do with it if content cannot be saved or resumed?

    The only publically displayed work on resolving or finding a workaround for saves has come from the players, not you or the Oxide team.
    What causes us further frustration is that maybe if the issue itself was given priority, we would then get a central location to discuss it, rather than having posts merged into loosely related threads and then lost under a pile of posts.

    At least then it's in black and white and you cannot say we're not contributing.


    Here's the steps I'd start with until I find a cleaner solution :

    1. In the forest directory, make a new sub directory of /saves/Multiplayer/0 (that's a zero)
    2. Paste in your preexisting server files
    3. In that same Multiplayer folder, make a new one titled 'Slot1'
    4. Repeat step 2. by placing server files into Slot1 folder
    5. Run the game and let it save then CTRL+C and 'y' to exit the server
    6. Repeat step 5

    Now you should have a working server cycle of your old data that persists even after server restart.
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Okay, then good luck with finishing support for the game, because the countless hours I've spent on this game have apparently have been unappreciated. Simply trying to find a "workaround" is not actually a fix, and with nobody actually contributing a fix, it will continue to be an issue until I can find time to continue work on it. We will not continue the support for this game if you cannot understand the work that has been put into this. This is not the only game we support, and is not the top priority for us due to the incredibly messy nature of multiple limitations the game has. Oxide for The Forest has never been "stable", it's simply been somewhat working.
  15. Cr4nkSt4r

    Cr4nkSt4r Naked Wanderer

    Maybe look into my edits, maybe you didn't look into this part, it would make sense if this is the or one of the errors.
    Please don't search for reasons to cancel this game because of one main error in the server itself and argue to eachother like that, we are one community, so we should act like one :)

    I like your work and I want to help you to get this solved because it is needed to run a server, so let's work together ;)
  16. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer

    Read through your own responses sometime and you might get a glimpse of how you sound. When you're ready to be cooperative, instead of petulant, let us know.
    Ultimately if you aren't interested, then don't do it. Whatever you decide, just stop with the deflection and the thinly veiled threats.


    If you notice when you rejoin your world content has been preserved e.g. simple as moving something like a stick from one stick holder to the next. Unfortunately :

    EDIT: Was mistaken about character update.
    1. Character save position updated after letting the server auto save at least twice. Logged off before actually testing inventory changes.

    2. Stairs and some other objects are missing.

    EDIT: Ya I see Cr4nk though I do not have that issue, so difficult to try and diagnose it. Let us know what happens as this thread is specifically about your actual issue.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  17. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    The cause has been known, the issue is getting it to work properly which hasn't exactly been a simple task.

    I'm fully aware of my responses as well as the work I've put into it, and completely aware of what you've put toward it as well. I'm not making threats, simply stating the facts that there has been plenty of time spent toward support for the game, but many far from simple issues that need to be fixed. If I didn't have any interest in supporting the game, it wouldn't be here in the first place.

    I have removed The Forest from the supported games for the time being though, as there are too many issues to resolve with it before I would consider it supported. Once someone capable has some time to resolve the issues to get the game to a stable point, we'll resume support for it.
  18. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer

    Correct, you are doing it because you want to. That's fine, let's just be honest.

    And you are also correct in removing it, because a core fundamental requirement is missing and it's better this way.
    Most of us can update the version check on our own.

    I'll certainly keep an eye on the project.

    @Cr4nkSt4r I updated the last post. Seems character save position is OK. Makes me wonder why yours fails. If you want to zip up for your character data and send it to me, I'll try it on mine.
  19. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    We'll get it working eventually; not giving up on it. ;) Just needs to be removed for the time being as the issues need more eyes on the code that aren't available right now. I've tinkered with it a lot, but it usually ends up with more broken when another issue gets fixed. Because of how The Forest is made, pretty much everything relies on the host, which is less than ideal. The ideal solution would be for the game's developers to make a proper server, which they seem to have little crumbs of started in the code, but I haven't managed to get it working fully yet. When you spend entire days trying to tinker with the game, it burns you out. It's not that I don't want to get it working, I do, but my time is needed elsewhere right now.

    I do appreciate your help as well as the sleuthing others have done to work out issues though.
  20. Cr4nkSt4r

    Cr4nkSt4r Naked Wanderer

    Which is the cause? What should we look for?

    @Host 2
    I'll zip my files and afterwards I try an safe without Server migrate to the server. Upload will be tomorrow I think.