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  1. SergeantSeven

    SergeantSeven Naked Wanderer

    Hi, Wulf I'm sorry if this has been posted before or answered ad nauseam.

    I understand the oxide files for group permissions and group names has been made a .data file type with some weird encoding type. At one time it was a .json file and was fairly easy to edit to add permissions for plugins...

    Having to add the permissions and groups in console can actually be quite tedious especially for many plugins and many permissions or a large number of groups...

    It would be nice to be able to go back to allowing us to edit the file directly to add everything all at once rather then command after command. If I can avoid using the console most of the time I will. I hate it...

    That being said, if there was good reason to change this or its not possible then forgive my ignorance...
  2. VinylFresh

    VinylFresh Shack Builder

  3. SergeantSeven

    SergeantSeven Naked Wanderer

    Permissions Manager I've already Tried. it doesn't allow you to edit other groups other then the admin group in the GUI... If it had the ability to display all groups and edit their names or delete them then I wouldn't need anything else. Problem with that still is I'd have to be in game to edit permissions. Not always possible such as when I'm away from my gaming PC and working with SFTP and SSH remotely on my phone...
  4. tomhud

    tomhud Shack Builder

    u do

    /perms group admin - admin
    /perms group default - for normal players
    /perms group vip - if u have vip groups

    is so easy and yes it does all groups
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    The JSON format was removed from the permissions system for a few reasons (there's a thread about this), but I don't foresee it being changed back.
  6. Steenamaroo

    Steenamaroo Plugin Developer

    Permissions Manager doesn't list players or groups - You have to tell it which you want to edit.
    The two commands are exemplified in the overview.

    It doesn't offer support for adding/deleting/changing names of groups - Just managing their permissions.
  7. SergeantSeven

    SergeantSeven Naked Wanderer

    yeah I already knew that, What I want is to be able to add, delete, or change the name of groups, add or delete permissions to a group Add or delete members of a group or multiple groups. All in a simple to use interface, without using f*cking commands that I have to type out verbatim one at a damn time. All while not having to be connected to RCON or be in game using the in game chat or console. The easiest way to get what I want is to be allowed to edit a simple damn file using SFTP.... Why is that so hard to do? Why would you favor single commands over being able to edit an entire list at once. it doesn't make it easier it just takes away control over the system. I would be perfectly happy with a config file that I could open up in Notepad ++ using SFTP like I do with every thing else in the reasonable world of computers. Why you would take away this simple ability is beyond me...
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 12, 2018 ---
    And for that matter. You can string commands in the CLI on linux and get multiple things done at once, why not have that ability with RCON? wouldn't it be nice to be able to send a string of commands to the console, an example being adding a list of permissions for multiple plugins to a single group or even multiple groups? This is what makes me so infuriated with this desire to take away config files that you can edit with notepad++ or nano or whatever text editor of your choice.
  8. VinylFresh

    VinylFresh Shack Builder

    There is a ‘paid’ version that does all you need in a gui on another site .
  9. SergeantSeven

    SergeantSeven Naked Wanderer

    A paid version of what? and Why would I want to pay for something that should be easy to do for free? I host my own ubuntu servers for a reason...
  10. VinylFresh

    VinylFresh Shack Builder

    I gave you a solution no need to be hostile
  11. wazzzup

    wazzzup Plugin Developer

    No one is forcing your dicision, if you could do such plugin for free - make and post it
  12. SergeantSeven

    SergeantSeven Naked Wanderer

    Technically I am being forced to use commands through rcon.
    I shouldn't have to create my own plug-in for oxide to handle something that should be already included.

    VinylFresh - I wasn't trying to come across as hostile. I am a bit upset about how this is being handled, however you didn't specify what it was that was a "Paid" version of that allowed me to do what I wanted. Could you provide me a link?