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  1. PlantmanFHB

    PlantmanFHB Naked Wanderer

    Really looking for step by step instructions, prefer video or picture or a link.
    I have looked at about everything written on this subject and still cannot get it to work.
    I'm sure there is just a simple step I'm missing that is probably just assumed everyone knows how to do, but clearly I don't know. So please if someone could reply and assume I know literally nothing about what other programs I need ( like FileZilla) and know nothing about the whole process maybe we can get it laid out perfectly for others to follow in the future. Specifically stuck on being able to drag oxide stuff into ROK stuff. Just doesn't drag over... but again I would like all steps laid out if possible so others don't have to feel the stress of searching for this as well as being able to check all my steps properly
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It should be the same as any out host really, which there are a few threads on.
    1. Stop your Reign of Kings server via your server host's control panel.
    2. Verify your server is updated by running SteamCMD via your server host's control panel.
    3. Download Oxide for Reign of Kings release build zip at Oxide for Reign of Kings | Oxide.
    4. Extract the zip to a folder and open that folder. You should see numerous files (Ex. CSharpCompiler.exe) and a folder (ROK_Data).
    5. Open your FTP client and enter the FTP details provided to your by your server host.
    6. Browse to your server's root/main directory, where ROK.exe is located.
    7. Copy ALL of the files from the extract Oxide zip to the root/main directory, where ROK.exe is located.
    8. Start your server, and done!