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  1. Ghosst submitted a new resource:

    InfoPanel - A small panel with in-game clock, online players, sleepers and custom messages.

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  2. Great plugin, glad I can get a better overlay for clock/sleeper/online.
  3. Very good plugin, but is there a way to make the messages appear in the middle of the bar as most of mine are missing the end of the messge
  4. Thanks!

    I will give more options into your hand with the next update.
  5. Thanks
  6. I like it can i have it :)
  7. Pictures are very stretched upward, closing inventory, etc.
  8. It's custom made for this ;9 I'm sorry, have to write some more features :)
  9. Purpose of the clock?
  10. For everybody who likes this version: [C#] InfoPanel Extra - <- not supported by the owner of this plugin!!!

    - added /pchat command to make a announcement ( you need canSeeAnnounce permissions )
    - added notification on airdrop
    - added notification on heli

    Note: this is not supported by me or the owner of this plugin! Only to making something awesome, what had already been awesome, now a bit more :D
    [DOUBLEPOST=1443211765][/DOUBLEPOST]The clock is the ingame time. /settime 21 and see whats happening :)
  11. This is awesome.

    Any chance you could make it so we can have custom stats passed from other scripts, would be cool to implement the economy system and other such plugins into it.
  12. Please add compass in the middle of the panel. It's very usefull.
  13. Awesome plugin. Replaced 2 plugins I was using that didn't look as good as this does.
    SUGGESTION: In the centre of the bar, put server name get from server: {server.hostname}
    Could also add Server Time to show people real time for those of us that are addicted to RUST. 8)
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  14. fantastic!
  15. It would also be great if we could add Admin and mods online messages. Maybe add SteamID of the players we want to show as online either in the centre or via announcements.
  16. 1 request, I have many moaners, can we have a chat command so a player can disable it if they don't want it?
  17. Ghosst updated InfoPanel with a new update entry:


  18. Add Heli/Airdrop message!!!!
  19. I working on the requests! Cheer!