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  1. JakeT24

    JakeT24 Naked Wanderer

    Good day to all of you! A friend and I are pretty confident we can begin a server hosting business. A favorite game of mine has always been Rust. I started playing when what most of us players call "New Rust". I never owned a legacy version. My point is I know quite a bit about Rust and I think I am qualified. My question to all of you is, what features would you like to see in this server hosting business(make it reasonable please). I am not familiar with much of my competition so if you could point me towards a list of commonly used server hosting services that would be great, just so I know what I am up against. Thank you!
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  2. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

    DDOS protection
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  3. JakeT24

    JakeT24 Naked Wanderer

    Noted. Thank you for your suggestion. I am confident I can accommodate DDoS Protection!
  4. Swat1801

    Swat1801 Wood Hoarder

    Fast support
    And a mod installer
    And don't be expansive!
  5. Jakkee

    Jakkee Plugin Developer

    Or you can take the other route and offer permium servers, SSDs, Min 1GBPS links, CloudFire DDoS (Not sure if they can cover game servers?). You could specialise in 100+ player servers, I know some of the bigger servers pay quite a lot for dedi boxes.
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    Also location.
    A few locations throughout USA, Asia (South Korea is popular but Japan seems to be where the Koreans buy their game servers from), Rust is pretty popular in Australia as well; Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
  6. JakeT24

    JakeT24 Naked Wanderer

    Can do! Mod installation should not be hard at all, and I will be available often to reply to any questions or concerns.
  7. i am OWEN!!

    i am OWEN!! Naked Wanderer

    How would yo be able to put servers in other countries?
  8. JakeT24

    JakeT24 Naked Wanderer

    So, you mean to offer them fully dedicated servers, just for them? I will consider that. Specializing in high pop servers sounds good, some of the other server renting companies I have looked at only go up to 200 players at most, seems like they specialize in 50 player servers. I can certainly implement CloudFlare! I have taken a quick look at that already, sounds like it is affordable.
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    Could rent servers from services such as AWS.
  9. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    A dedicated server box that you uses remote desktop to login to it with windows server 2008/2012 R2 OS so whoever rents it can run whatever they want but does not cost an arm and a leg each month
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  10. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    CloudFlare only covers TCP traffic, and only on specific ports. You can trick it to work for games like Minecraft (TCP game), but you'd have a little performance degradation.