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Solved Heathstone / home teleporting

Discussion in 'Oxide 1.18' started by Lee87, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Lee87

    Lee87 Naked Wanderer

    Hey guys,


    u all make a very awesom job here. I´m very proud. Thats nice.
    My question, u plan a /home plugin or function?

    That a player can teleport back to the sleepbag or so.
    It´s not good for pvp but u can try: that the ppl must no-in fight for a minute or so and then he can port back.

    Sry for my english but i hope you can unterstand me :D
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  2. German Hoeffner

    German Hoeffner Community Admin Community Admin

    Yeah, this is a great idea. A home plugin would be so awesome!
    In combination with @greyhawk 's economy plugin you could pay for being teleported home for example!
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  3. Lee87

    Lee87 Naked Wanderer

    awesome idea :D. I wrote this because i have no idea at this moment to come home ingame. i cant find the way. This stupid air drops :DDD
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  4. greyhawk

    greyhawk Plugin Developer

    This could be done but I'm not sure there is information on how to get coordinates yet.
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  5. Mcello

    Mcello Shack Builder

    Make a freeze in it because you get combat loggers with this then.
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  6. Pogo

    Pogo Naked Wanderer

    I really do like this idea. Finding home isn't always an easy thing. :) I don't have a clou about the development effort of this but I'd suggest some sort of cooldown timer to make this also suitable for PvP Servers. So having to wait a minute to perform your teleport would possibly prevent players from teleporting while in a fight.

    Just my thoughts.

    Edit: Mcello was faster with this one.^^
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  7. D4K1NG

    D4K1NG Plugin Developer

    It is a core plugin planned for
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  8. greyhawk

    greyhawk Plugin Developer

  9. SniperNoSniping

    SniperNoSniping Naked Wanderer

    I personally think it would be awesome if someone created a simple mod to do /hearthstone so players can teleport to their specific location of a base. What you can do is make it on a timer base so players can't just /hearthstone out of combat. Like a minute or two. Its a good tool for when people completely get lost and can't find their way home. Simpler to the /tpa. Cause if people live alone, there is no quick way home. Hearthstone can be only used three times simpler to TPA.

    Quick Return to Home
    Usable by All Players

    Possible Use of Exploit in Others Bases (If possible, a Door would be required near you that you own)
    Combat Logging

    Feel free to comment on what you think the pros and cons would be.
    Just a recommendation. And if its possible. Put it up on HFBServers. :) Thanks!
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  10. Mcello

    Mcello Shack Builder

    Already have been requested.
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  11. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Merged duplicate request.
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  12. Sgt.Shadz

    Sgt.Shadz Naked Wanderer

    What can be done, is (if possible ) to utilize a system where u make your tp home ( like the foundation or flag ), and a portal item that you bring with you ( when you use the /sethearth at your home, you will also have a portal foundation/flag with you. if not possible to make it use an inventory space, you will have to make a /setportal at the point from where you want to tp back from ) To set use this, you need: a) Be out of combat for 1 min, b) craft/setup the portal to get home with. This will take an additional 1 minute to set. ( now you can't do anything while doing this,, or it will cancel the craft ).
    It can be set to be used once a day, once per 12hr or something .. so it won't be used to easily empty a base after a raid. all tho it WILL be used up to a point....
    It should also cost some to use, ie. combined with currency or materials to be made..... It should not be cheap... like .. 100 metal fragments, 50 wood, 50 cloth, 10 fuel .. or 25% of your currency...
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  13. Babon

    Babon Plugin Developer

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  14. SniperNoSniping

    SniperNoSniping Naked Wanderer

    Apologize, I searched the forum but didn't find anything.
  15. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer