1. Hello!

    Im looking for a plugin where you could choose upon server join to accept or deny a permission.
    I would like the player to get to choose either Yes or No wheter they want the permission or not.

    Almost like the Rules GUI plugin just when you click Yes you get a permission, or gets put into a group if thats more doable? It would also be good if the plugin "remembers" the players choice and only asks once every permission wipe.

  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

  3. Thanks for your reply! I have looked at this, but i would really like for the permission to be optionable for the player if thats doable :)
  4. Helloo,
    can make a private plugin with Cui panel for your needs,
    private me if interested ! :p
  5. Thank you! Sent a pm :)
  6. This has been solved, Thank you BuzZ_PHOQUE! :)