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  1. NikoBellic

    NikoBellic Naked Wanderer

    Hey, greetings to everyone in the first place. Well im pretty new to the whole pluging scenario thing, but i am a computer engineering student and me and some friends have a 7 days to die server going on for fun, and i actually play this game since its early release back in 2013. I never really programmed plugins before in C#, im actually used to "Pawn" as in real programming, which is structured programming. However, im looking forward to start programming in C#, as i have studied plenty commercial languages this year and already had past programming experiences, not professinonal, more casual stuff. The thing is, i can't really find much in regards to available hooks other than pieces of codes posted by other forum users when they request help. Can someone give me a set of good links and tutorials that i can get going by? any and all help is appreciated. Also, i do apologize in advance for my ignorance, but when developing .dll(s) i should choose C# libraries then?
  2. OpenFunRus

    OpenFunRus Plugin Developer

  3. NikoBellic

    NikoBellic Naked Wanderer

    Hey, thanks for your reply. I would like to know what do i need to download first, i already got visual studio here, but where do i download the oxide and unity engine libraries?

  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    UnityEngine comes with your game server, Oxide comes from the Downloads link at the top of the page.
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  5. {QaD}Lurch

    {QaD}Lurch Naked Wanderer

    NikoBellic - just a point of clarification, when you develop plugins, you're not compiling them yourself. You write the plugin code then upload to the game server with the Oxide mod installed. There is a Filewatcher pattern running that looks for anything ".CS" and will pick it up and try to compile it for you. My advice is to have a Telnet session open to the game server so you can see the output from the compile immediately, otherwise you'll need to go look in the log file.

    There's a lot of things that could use some documentation, but also a lot is fairly straight forward and these guys here have always been pretty quick to jump in and answer. Welcome and good luck!!