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  1. Smallo92

    Smallo92 Naked Wanderer

    Is there a way I can get the gender of a player? I want to make a command to get the players gender.

    When I type help in console and get a list of commands there is one for gender, but when I use it. It says it doesn't exist.
  2. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    so i have a little code for you :

    Reign of kings defines Gender in a bool.

    True = Male
    False = Female

    (Bad CodeHatch, Bad CodeHatch, SIT, SILENCE!)
  3. Smallo92

    Smallo92 Naked Wanderer

    Thanks it works perfectly.
  4. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    you are welcome.

    would have never looked for it, if you wouldnt have asked.

    now i use it in 2 of my plugins!

    have a nice night

  5. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Plugin Developer

    Mind marking the thread as solved?
    i like this shiny green button ;)

    and i like order :p