1. So i have spent the best part of the day trying and failing to get lustymaps working. I have registered the server on Beancan.io but its still sitting quietly pending - Even followed the link in the guys thread bringing me to thier discord to get a response "what is beancan" -_-

    So im lost XD

    Is there a bypass without using old map images?

  2. use the custom map option whilst you wait for your server to be added
  3. Sorry that I get this old post out here but I have the same problem with the approval of my server.
    My server has been registered there for 2 weeks, has a description and everything else is correct.

    How long does it take to get a server unlocked? or even edited by an admin?
    The sad thing is there is not even the possibility to ask for a support.

    Would be great if any one have Information when the server is unlocked or how to reach the support.

    Thanks in Advance.
  4. Thank you.
    I had everything as described in the list, except for the short cut for the Country.
  5. thanks for your sharing. It is really useful for my projects