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  1. Looking for a plugin that brings some gambling!

    Right now the only gambling i have really is the betting in duel arena xD

    Looking for dice rolls / Roulette's / Anything really.

    Would love it to be non economics and bet with raw materials.
    Should be really easy to use,
    Already got Dice but yeah ive to pay everyone out myself.
    If there whas a nice little addon that could make it like under 55 you lose, above 55 you win

    or something like that :)

    Ive been looking for a while now and it seems like everything is private.

    Wouldnt mind to pay if the price is right.
  2. Maybe this one could be what you are looking for, but it work individually
  3. Econimics tho, I want something for raw materials, Dont really like the whole shopping things on servers
  4. How you would like to bet without eco? ^^
  5. Same way as in the duel arena, /Bet gunpowder 5000 :)
  6. good idea