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  1. tugamano

    tugamano Plugin Developer

    Hello everyone, I'll try to create an event last player a survive, If I can finish I'll post to the community oxide
    Example of the event:
    - Minimum x of players to count time x start event (so can always enter more than the minimum of players and will be canceled if at the moment start event does not have the minimum).

    -Start event players will be teleported to event zone with clean inventory have to look for the equipment in the objects of the event.

    -Player has one x of lives to not be eliminated from the event (Each respawn will have to search again for equipment)

    -Wins the last to survive (Will win a prize)

    Objects that can be used in the event:
    Wood Barricade
    Small Stash
    Wood Storage Box
    Large Wood Storage Box
    Other objects can also be used

    I'm going to try to make random(Each new event) position objects or less on this type of object:
    Small Stash
    Wood Storage Box
    Large Wood Storage Box
    Each of them will have their equipment

    I'm thinking of using these dependencies:
    Plugin ZoneManager.
    Plugin CopyPaste.

    I will try to create this plugin, it will be difficult for me, Do not ask questions of the type when it will be ready, Follow this post and you will know at the right time, Advice and ideas are always welcome.
  2. P0LENT4

    P0LENT4 Plugin Developer

    Would there be any way to make an event plugin where the players randomly respawn the map and over time the event area is decreasing until all players die or the area gets super small to the point that everyone kills themselves?
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  3. tugamano

    tugamano Plugin Developer

    I think it's possible to do this with the plugin ZoneManager, I remember seeing a game on youtube with this type of event but I can not remember the name, Some things are possible to make depend on the knowledge of the person and my knowledge is still small or medium, but I will try to do in this plugin because I liked the idea.
  4. tugamano

    tugamano Plugin Developer

    Hello everyone, I'm abandoning this game so there's no reason why I make new plugins so I decided to abandon this plugin excuse me.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 19, 2017 ---
    @ Wulf I can not put this post as Solved if you can do it and I thank you