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Ban by steam or ip, online & offline players, local or webrequest banlist

Total Downloads: 2,082 - First Release: Jun 6, 2016 - Last Update: Feb 24, 2018 at 3:03 PM

5/5, 18 likes
  1. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

    Reneb submitted a new resource:

    Enhanced Ban System - Ban by steam or ip, online & offline players, local or webrequest banlist

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  2. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

  3. hack.69

    hack.69 Naked Wanderer

    how to setup plugin in 7 days to die server manager by pioneer!
  4. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

    i'm sorry, this plugin was made in universal, so it should work on all games.
    But i don't own 7days nor the server manager, so i have no idea how you should do it.
    It's a standard plugin so it should go in oxide/plugins/
  5. MeatCircus

    MeatCircus Server Owner

    enhancedbansystem.kick doesn't exist same thing with enhancedbansystem.banlist
  6. PaiN

    PaiN Plugin Developer

    Add these two lines under the line 187 in Loaded()

    Code (Text):

    permission.RegisterPermission(PermissionBanlist, this);
    permission.RegisterPermission(PermissionKick, this)
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  7. MeatCircus

    MeatCircus Server Owner

    Ty fixed it right up
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  8. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

  9. Speedy2M

    Speedy2M Wood Hoarder

    (20:36:27) | [Oxide] 19:36 [Error] EnhancedBanSystem plugin failed to compile!

    (20:36:27) | [Oxide] 19:36 [Error] EnhancedBanSystem.cs(191,12): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `LoadData'
  10. PaiN

    PaiN Plugin Developer

    Add a ; at the end of the line 189 so it looks like the above 2-3 lines
  11. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

  12. bogdanwebs

    bogdanwebs Scavenger

    Who make API for web?
    pls share it
  13. xShARkx

    xShARkx Shack Builder

    Code (Text):
    [06/23/2016 16:15:13] [Oxide] 16:14 [Error] Error while compiling EnhancedBanSystem.cs(35,96): error CS1955: The member `Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence.ILivePlayer.IsAdmin' cannot be used as method or delegate
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  14. Ventrex

    Ventrex Wood Hoarder

    Got the same error as above
  15. Austinv900

    Austinv900 Plugin Developer

    @Wulf I think this might be your department. My Team cant seem to find the hook for this anywhere
  16. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

    what games you guys use?
    because this should work
  17. Austinv900

    Austinv900 Plugin Developer

    RustExp Dev 116 latest update of oxide
  18. Austinv900

    Austinv900 Plugin Developer

    Yeah. I have no clue what the issue is
  19. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

  20. Austinv900

    Austinv900 Plugin Developer

    I will give it a try when I get home. If you need a test server to test it on. I can give you access to my server if you need a testing platform