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Solved Easier help text

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by UnicornWeed, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. UnicornWeed

    UnicornWeed Shack Builder

    I was wondering if there already exists, or there's the possibilty of creating an easier to manage fully customizable Help Text with several different messages to display, each with their own "/help id"

    For example, players wanting help with the crosshair plugin and how to use it can type "/help crosshair" (or whatever "keyword" has been set in the "/help list") and it will only display whatever i've wrote in that particular config file.

    This could be very useful for giving your players specified information without printing every plugins helptext into the chat with half of them missing due to the amount of info at once. I'll give a few examples of exactly what I mean so you can get a better understanding. If this plugin already exists i'll just kms..

    Admin will type in chat (or can be manually input in config).
    • /help_add "List" (starts editing "List" automatically like HumanNPC, until "/help_end)
    • /help title1 "Pets" description1 "How to use the Pets Plugin"
    • /help title2 "Crosshair" description2 "Information on using Crosshairs"
    • /help_end
    • /help_add "Pets"
    • /help title1 "/pet" description1 "Typing this will activa..."
    • /help title2 "/pet free" description2 "This will free your pet.."
    Player can now type:
    • /help list - (Will display all the set titles and their descriptions).
    Pets - How to use the pets plugin
    Crosshair - Information on using crosshairs
    title3 - description3

    Player finds the plugin name or keyword in your help list, then types:
    • /help keyword
    • e.g /help crosshair
    Only relevant information is displayed on that keyword, totally customizable and able to give advanced information personally wrote by the admin that other helptexts just can't do. The possibilities are literally endless. Thanks if you've taken the time to read this far.
    (Worst example using Pets as I know it has its own help text, just plugins in general this is useful for or general information).
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
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  2. fireball1122

    fireball1122 Scavenger

    I agree with this idea!
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  3. UnicornWeed

    UnicornWeed Shack Builder