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  1. I've been trying to find them, using "spawnlist" didn't help me much. I've found the following spawn commands:

    Spawn shower - Iron Meteor shower
    Spawn Titranium - Titranium Meteor shower
    Spawn Mondinium - Mondinium Meteor shower
    Spawn Ultranium - Ultranium Meteor shower
    Spawn rain - Spawns a broken wasp that can not be killed, is not animated, but does attack and cause damage can only be removed with Rcon destroyall rain
    Spawn storm - spawns a thunderstorm
    Spawn sandstorm - spawns a sandstorm
    Spawn gavku - spawns a forest shigi (Spawn aigavkuserver does the same)
    Spawn shigi - spawns baby forest shigi (Spawn aishigiserver does the same)
    Spawn yeti - spawns a sasquatch (asyetiserver does the same)
    Spawn tokar - spawns a regular tokar (Spawn aitokarserver does the same)
    Spawn node - Spawns a burning impact node that cannot be mined but does go away on its own, does damage.
    Spawn meteor - Spawns the explosion effect for the aforementioned node, does no damage.
    Spawn Test - spawns a walking unkillable player character named Dingo he can be burned and poisoned. can only be removed with Rcon destroyall test
    Spawn player - spawn an invisible player that can not be killed called "no name". you can attack it, it can burn and get poisoned like Dingo. can not be removed, using rcon destoryall player does remove it but it removes every player's body including yours and they have to relog. it is not recommend to do this as it will destroy all clothing and items held by a player.
    i haven't figured out any of the super animal variants, the snow variants, and i would love to find the (working) ants and the wasps.
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  2. You can check all possible spawns for each entity with "spawnlist <entityname>", for example "spawnlist gavku" will show you all possible gavku spawn builders.
  3. This didn't help me find anything I hadn't already. I'm trying to just find the whole thing so I can use the spawn command to spawn things.


    I found out if you spawn a no name and then re-log their bodies become visible. (would be cool to use this or dingo to make some kind of npc)

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  4. Dingo is now killable
    the no name can only be killed with c4 as of now
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