Rust Code Lock hacking

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  1. I could use a Code Lock hacking option for my PVE server to introduce some limited raiding capability.
    Would use a laptop with countdown like on Chinook box. Maybe it is possible to hold it in hands like building plans and aim at the lock to start hacking it.
    Is it possible? Or maybe there is something like that already. Couldn't find.
  2. you mean anyone could hack a codelock after a tempo, by just standing in front of it with a laptop ?
    I'm working on making codelock stuff plugins,
    maybe I can help you.
    Start a conversation if ever you're interested.
  3. "Would use a laptop with countdown like on Chinook box."
    What about using it, lol. And disaapear when hacking process complete
  4. sure, I started a plugin with this chinook box spawns !
    guess its the first plugin using this crate for hackin a door codelock :p
    if i can ill make a note with the codelock on it, inside this crate after hack
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  5. Excellent descidion
    But, maybe he wants to hack only 1 door (if you give code, you will give password to all doors)
  6. I would be intrested it this

    Plugin Specifications:
    - use laptop to hack code lock
    - Success rate 25%
    - One time use per laptop
    - If hack successful / unsuccessful Laptop disappears
    - Takes 10 mins to hack

    Hack process:
    When starting the hack , the laptop will "mount to the door"
    Player must hold "E" on laptop to keep hacking process going
    If "E" button is released hacking stops and stays at the percentage it is at
  7. Sounds good but do you think players are willing to hold their "E" key for 10 minutes straight in order to open a door? I think it would be more convenient to use the chinook laptop instead. Perhaps make it so that when it is hit by melee or a bullet the laptop is destroyed.
  8. Yes, the Chinook Laptop is a good option. The ability to destroy it would be good for both PVP and PVE servers. Need a way to defend yourself against hacks on both server types.
  9. Feel free to use code from my old mod: ThiefAPI
    I will be returning back to it later once I get my PvX mod working again, however for the time being happy for you to learn from it.
  10. Thnx Alpha! If I have some time left I will take a look to the coding!
  11. Seen this as a paid plugin recently