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  1. xiaobao.allen

    xiaobao.allen Naked Wanderer

    I want to change the color of my block in my server, please help me thank you
  2. Cronosnake

    Cronosnake Naked Wanderer

    Block colors are not a part of oxide, they are a modification in the game itself.

    In the game's mod folders, you should find config files called "blocks.defaults" and "blocks". Open the default, and it will have color hex codes.

    In order to change it in game, copy everything in defaults, paste it into "blocks", and change the values to what you want. Keep in mind, you can only alter it so much; they will retain a bit of their vanilla appearance.

    Again, it's not an oxide question, but hopefully this helps.
  3. xiaobao.allen

    xiaobao.allen Naked Wanderer

    thank you very much
  4. Missy

    Missy Wood Hoarder


    I have a problem with this.
    It keeps doing 50/50

    Like its overwritting