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Total Downloads: 22,579 - First Release: Apr 21, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 12, 2018

4.9898/5, 98 likes
  1. opper007

    opper007 Wood Hoarder

    yea its working now the probleem was

    "Format": {
    "Chat": "{Title} {Username}: {Message}",
    "Console": "{Title} {Username}: {Message}"

    "Format": {
    "Chat": "{Title} {NAME}: {Message}",
    "Console": "{Title} {NAME}: {Message}"

    NAME = Username
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  2. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

    Anti-flood is in .cfg Edit: Oh it was removed?
  3. Squanchy

    Squanchy Naked Wanderer

    im sorry, im still having issues. I have deletes the BetterChat.json in the oxide/config and reloaded I followed the directions to take the groups.json and rename it to BetterChat.json and save it in oxide/data
    am i missing something? again ty for all the patience with me
  4. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    upload all files you have for this plugin
  5. Squanchy

    Squanchy Naked Wanderer

    thank you, I just renamed the ones that were in config folder the other one is from oxide/data
  6. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    Have you deleted the oxide/data/BetterChat folder if no then delete it and you dont seem to have a admin group if you want can add one
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  7. Squanchy

    Squanchy Naked Wanderer

    wouldnt that delete all my players?
    ok awesome ill try to add admin group ^_^
  8. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

    upload this to your data folder and you need to delete that folder its not being used any more. Once you upload it delete the config and and the file in the lang folder then reload the plugin
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  9. Squanchy

    Squanchy Naked Wanderer

    okay now the groups are not displaying property, i see it says that i am admin but im the server owner...i just chose not to display my tag..however i have VIP tags and none of them are displaying as also none of the clan tags =\
  10. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

    You need to create a group called owner, along VIP's as that .json replaced any settings you had. You'll also need to reassign VIP's their groups.
  11. Squanchy

    Squanchy Naked Wanderer

    I want to thank both of you very much, I was finally able to fix it after looking through the json like dream said; if anyone has this problem. You need to set the default group to hidden:true!

    thank you very much again @Dream 5 and @Resistance I owe you both a beer / joint!

    Dank On bros!
    -el squanchito!
  12. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

    It was all Resistance, throw his post a like or 10!

    The problems everyone was experiencing was becuase the string names have changed, alongside the way it's coded: Good resource: Diff Checker. LaserHydra did tell us, however a few people missed his posts.

    • "PlayerName" with "Username"
    • and
    • "Formatting" with "Format"
    • and
    • "HideIfNotHighestPriority" with "HiddenIfNotPrimary"

    • Filename and location changed. Data>BetterChat is no longer located in a BetterChat folder and is just a free man in the data file.

    --- To make it apparently clear regardings clans and the developers of any forms of clan plugins will have to update their plugins in-order for the clan tags to be functioning.
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  13. KalasRL

    KalasRL Wood Hoarder

    Thank you :)
  14. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

    AntiFlood will be re-added once I get to it. Same for word filter etc.
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    DEUSNEXUS Plugin Developer

    Okay, thx=) I'm waiting
  16. Dr.KittehBiscuit

    Dr.KittehBiscuit Scavenger

    Would someone with any coding knowledge be able to update Rust:IO clans? I think the Author is inactive.
  17. q1LLa

    q1LLa Wood Hoarder

  18. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

    Just FYI for everyone: Rust: IO Clans was updated today by Hydra, however he's attached the document close to the last few pages as he's not the plugin owner.
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  19. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

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  20. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer