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  1. Zleeepy

    Zleeepy Shack Builder

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  2. LaserHydra

    LaserHydra Plugin Developer

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  3. Ezki

    Ezki Plugin Developer

    streamline <3 the best server provider
  4. TnTGaming

    TnTGaming Wood Hoarder

    What is the diffrent between a dedicated server and a regular server on gameservers.com
  5. Zleeepy

    Zleeepy Shack Builder

    With a dedicated server, your server environment is on a single physical machine with no one else. So you get all the physical resources (hard disk, memory, CPU) to yourself.

    By regular, do you mean local? This will use your own hard disk, memory and CPU.
    Your internet will be used to "connect" everyone, so make sure to have a damn good router aswell.
  6. TnTGaming

    TnTGaming Wood Hoarder

    Well im using Gameservers.com but not there dedicated server option its just like 18 cents a slot.
  7. Zleeepy

    Zleeepy Shack Builder

    Oh, sorry I missed the gameserver part. The regular one is just a server for you, while with dedicated you are like a host yourself.
  8. Pastori

    Pastori Plugin Developer

    A dedicated server.
  9. Evoc

    Evoc Naked Wanderer

  10. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    Just looking for a new host, been with Gameservers.com for 1 month and I'm already pi$$ed at their support. 5 days with no response apart form them asking me to do a tracert when the issue is affecting all users.

    Also this has message been up since the update but I don't have that issue, I'm also not on dedicated. Rust sucks on Gameservers right now.


    I'm looking at a Vanilla game with /PM /TP and DEATHNOTES... maybe custom loot but nothing to really interfere with game play.

    Jetzt günstig PrePaid Server mieten - DeinServerHost look pretty good, and with extra memory and DDOS that's not a bad price. Only German location though was hoping for UK
    upload_2016-7-11_18-46-24.png £14

    Streamline Servers also look pretty good but no mention of Oxide or Rust:IO

    upload_2016-7-11_18-51-16.png £15

    Anybody offer up any other recommendations?
  11. Diseasedcrow

    Diseasedcrow Wood Hoarder

    Can confirm Streamline are awesome oxide is supported and easy to install
  12. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    Thanks. I actually went with Game Server Hosting | Survival Servers in the end. Very happy so far, very quick install, restart and full server access to manually install Rust:IO etc...

    GameServer.com can go jump, had a message last night from them. bear in mind the server has already been offline for 8 HOURS!


    Server is still offline now. 13 HOURS later...

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  13. MrDBuffaloGaming

    MrDBuffaloGaming Naked Wanderer

    Game servers can get ddosed under 100mbs of packet will take it down for 5 mins so think about a 5gb attack
  14. Resistance

    Resistance Grenade Master

  15. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

  16. jackherroor

    jackherroor Wood Hoarder

    hm i have 2 gamer servers form DeinServerHost before was good price and good support but than start ddos. and it go nothing. bad ddos protection on serverhost.de. than was a fail in the servercenter and he need 24 hour to send a technik man to servercenter^^now i have a root from hetzner germany is very good and low price too.24hours support in servercenter. but now have big problems since 1,5 weeks whit ddos.many players leave.now i think i change to OVH. Or can any say me wich provider have best ddos protection?
    i have a group whit 1500+ players and want give them good server.
    sorry for bad english hope understand.
  17. Bootloop

    Bootloop Wood Hoarder

    I went with DeinServerHost in the end, I've contacted the support twice and had a good response time form them. It said it had DDOS protection when I signed up and boosted the server to 6GB Memory for a very good price. I guess each experience can be different, but out of all those I looked at being in the UK I was reluctant to get a DE host, but glad I did as it's been fine.
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  18. SubtleSara

    SubtleSara Shack Builder

    Do YOU wanna get effed in the A by a server host? CHOOSE GAMESERVERS.COM! The BEST server rapist imaginable! They take your money, give you the least amount of RAM usage possible, make you upgrade to a 200 person server to allow 20 to play, THEN they DENY you a REFUND when you're unhappy with their SH*T customer service that takes up to TWO DAYS to get a response from! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WIN! NEVER go with Gameservers, LITERALLY choose ANYONE ELSE.
  19. Pastori

    Pastori Plugin Developer

    About the RAM - true. I can confirm that. I moved to dedicated servers, because GameServers offered RAM wasn't enough to host latest patch with 3500 map.
  20. SubtleSara

    SubtleSara Shack Builder

    NOR a 4000 map, which is what I had.