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  1. cenk

    cenk Server Owner

    guys, could you please advise to me which server provider you are using? I intend to change my provider "Streamline" who has firm restrictions for setup the server.

    I already try Streamline, pinperfect, nitrato, Gameservers, Playrust, NitrousNetworks, Daemon, Fps, Multiplay but non of them is perfect

    Now I am looking for dedicated server with full access. Cost is no problem.

    Any advise?
  2. M@CH!N3

    M@CH!N3 Plugin Developer

    I have used Gameserver.com for about 10 years now with many different games. The support may not be the greatest depending on the tech you get at the time of a problem, some are awesome others seem less helpful. Servers are reliable and are really good quality.

    I use shared hosting with them, never used a dedicated.
  3. cenk

    cenk Server Owner

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  4. Feramor

    Feramor Plugin Developer

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  5. cenk

    cenk Server Owner

    checking now thanks for your reply
  6. ownprox

    ownprox Plugin Developer

  7. cenk

    cenk Server Owner

    perfect thank you
  8. Reneb

    Reneb Plugin Developer

    They are sooo expensive lol xD
    For 18 gbp you have 2giga ram which is not enough for rust,
    You at least need the one at 35gbp/month + 45gbp entry fee!!!
  9. Ray Meres

    Ray Meres Wood Hoarder

    Why are people talking about VPS/Dedi? I thought facepunch protected the game files and only gave to selected hosts?
  10. Feramor

    Feramor Plugin Developer

    Nope they are public for a while :)
  11. Ray Meres

    Ray Meres Wood Hoarder

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  12. Feramor

    Feramor Plugin Developer

  13. Epixx

    Epixx Wood Hoarder

    I recommend www.streamline-servers.com
    I know alot of the staff and the ceo, They are fast, reliable and have excellent support.
  14. Rustaman

    Rustaman Naked Wanderer

  15. Mitchel-256

    Mitchel-256 Naked Wanderer

    A while ago, I would've recommended NFO servers to you. However, me and NFO have recently run into a problem where their third-party "risk evaluator" makes things up. They got their CEO to personally respond to me, and he basically said that he was toothless on the issue because they won't look into the problem.
    Aside from that, NFO servers has provided excellent servers to my friends who have used it, and, if you can get through with them, they give good servers for cheap prices. 50-slot servers go for $13 a month.
  16. Fragnet

    Fragnet Oxide Server Provider

  17. Diseasedcrow

    Diseasedcrow Wood Hoarder

  18. Diseasedcrow

    Diseasedcrow Wood Hoarder

    So, I've bought a dedicated game server from OVH, maybe jumped in the deep end a bit, anyone had experience with all of this? could you offer some help?

    Going from Streamline to OVH is not an easy step
  19. Zleeepy

    Zleeepy Shack Builder

    *ignore this*
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  20. Diseasedcrow

    Diseasedcrow Wood Hoarder

    OVH wasnt a good idea either. I'm sticking with Streamline, they have been pretty good.