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  1. TruxDeadnitro

    TruxDeadnitro Wood Hoarder

    Alright, the topic makes it pretty noticeable,
    But I just wanted to know which os is the best to let your server run with,
    I mean Linux isn't hard to learn. But I'm more comfortable with windows,
    now my question is which operating system is the best to use
    Linux or a windows server 2012 R2,
    Just let me know which you guys are using,
    and on that I hope I can make a dission which operating system I need to use,
  2. XNeo

    XNeo Shack Builder

    i'm using This Host package: USA 2xL5630 so far its it's fantastic and super cheap.
  3. DraB

    DraB Plugin Developer

    @TruxDeadnitro I would say Windows just because that's what Facepunch uses and for that reason it will stay reliable. Linux builds break all the time when updates hit the game causing server owners (who use Linux) to frantically find a fix. You won't be seeing that much of a performance boost with going with linux anyways. I also would recommend Windows Server 2016 if you have the choice. Troubleshooting with Linux is also a pain because not a lot of people host that way in Rust. In the end it's all preference and there is no hurt in trying them out and seeing which one you like better. Hope that helps!
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  4. TruxDeadnitro

    TruxDeadnitro Wood Hoarder

    Thank you for sharing your opinion with me,
    I got very soon my own gaming pc and I wanted to change my previous pc to a self-hosting machine,
    So if I'm getting it right Its better to use a windows server 2016 OS instead of a Linux OS because the servers will be run better then on an IOS,
    Okay then I'm going to install the windows server 2016 version and I'll see what it lead me I'm always open to learning some new devices
  5. Mrdbuffalo

    Mrdbuffalo Naked Wanderer

    Ubuntu for anything serious. Use Windows Server if you like the windows interface but Ubuntu is what all the game hosts use and basicly anyone who can use commandline. I recommend ubuntu as its very good to lesrn incase you decide to get into running websites etc etc