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Rust Arrow raiding

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by yozza, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. yozza

    yozza Wood Hoarder

    Is there some one out there who has made or could make a plugin which brings back arrow raiding to wooden doors?

  2. Inkss

    Inkss Shack Builder

    maybe use a damage modifier? although idk if thatd work.
  3. Bruno Puccio

    Bruno Puccio Plugin Developer

    i made one but it is currently awaiting approval
  4. yozza

    yozza Wood Hoarder

    How long ago did you put in the plugin for approval?

    would be great if it got approved.
  5. Bruno Puccio

    Bruno Puccio Plugin Developer

    today, i saw this plugin request and decided to make it.
    it is kinda simple, if you are the admin or have permission u can change the settings using
    "/arrow bow 200" this way it will take 200 arrows from a bow to break a wooden door
    same with "/arrow crossbow 200"

    once it gets approved i will update it and add more arrow types, so you can change the damage of each arrow