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Total Downloads: 11,106 - First Release: Dec 2, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 19, 2018

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  1. k1lly0u submitted a new resource:

    Airstrike - Call an airstrike using a supply signal/chat command

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  2. hi nice plugin! Cab you maybe set an automatic repeat? (with config) <3 love this plugin
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  3. fun! Good work :) Would be cool to have the option for players to call airstrike with say 2500 HQM..
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  4. Mmm... Remove Drop on use Supply... Arrives first missile and then a gift...
  5. Thanks, please elaborate on your idea.

    Challenge accepted!

    There will be a minor update later today as I noticed a small flaw that will sometimes allow the strike plane to drop a suppy drop if there are multiple planes in the air
    Edit: is this what you are talking about Casper?
  6. Can you insert an interval for the Airstrike
  7. Following the airstrike arrives normal airdrop. Two planes on one supply.
  8. Requests:
    • add a option to toggle the use of the supply signal as an Airstrike or normal supply drop
    • combine with the toggle command make is so where every a player drops a supply signal with the airstrike toggle turn on will be the location that the airstrike lands.
    So players break into a base/compound, use the toggle command to make the supply signal a beacon for the airstrike, throw some supply signals and wait a watch the airstrike help kill people or damage the building(s)
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  9. k1lly0u updated Airstrike with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
    I will add this, but for now I have something else that needs my attention
  10. Don't work UseSupply for permission "player".
  11. I'll look into it when I get home, was working last time I checked. The permission is 'can.airstrike'

    Edit: It is definately working
  12. i get this error on console.

    and when i call airstrike rockets wait on the air then hit the target. you can see in the pictures.
    we get console error and it makes a lot of lags

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  13. @DikkatDeli yes i noticed that today if i drop 3+ airstrikes at once. im unsure what is causing it at this stage, possibly too many rockets exploding at once? i will have to look into it further. it doesnt happen to me if its just 1 or 2 strikes,
    when does it do it for you?
  14. one airstrike causes that. as you said it tries to explode at once. you should add some delay between rockets launching time.

    this plugin is insane :) i, want to use that ASAP. players already like the idea. i have more than 60 players if i launch at this stage my server will explode too :D
  15. you can already change rocket interval in the config, im just not 100% sure if that is what is causing it
  16. Not work permissions for all players on use supply signal.
    Remake plugin on use of the opportunity to supply all the players.
  17. has today's update fixed the nre, as they may have patched server projectile NRE, I won't be home until later, can anyone confirm?
    See attached picture

    Are you granting the correct permission? I tested that last night and it worked fine

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  18. Is it possible for you to make it so the rockets have a trail? Also possible for the strike to have a spread to it?
  19. Can confirm patch fixed NRE. I'm working on strike spread now, will post a update tonight. As for trail it is there at the moment but the rockets move to quick to see it. Ill look into it and see what I can do