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  1. after fix ,plagin doesn works(
  2. what doesn't work? Here it works perfectly. What does the command say? And tru to remove it from data/config/lang and replace the plugin the type /reload AdvertMessages
  3. I haven't any file (advertmessages) in /lang (((
  4. My mistake there is indeed no advertmessages in lang.
  5. And where is lang file? What I must do?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1457898759][/DOUBLEPOST]my messages doesnt added! Only custom messages! After /reload
  6. You only edit the messages in AdvertMessages.json, under the config folder, and nowhere else. There is no lang file

    "Messages": [
    "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Jesteś na serwerze <orange>Hurtword na chilu!<end>",
    "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Masz problem? skontaktuj się z administracją na ts<end>",
    "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Nasz ts3<end>",
    "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Nasz<end>",
    "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Cheatowanie grozi permanentnym banem!<end>",
    "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Zapraszamy na naszego ts'a i fb do brania udziału w konkursach i eventach!<end>",
    "Settings": {
    "Adverts Interval (In Minutes)": 5,
    "Broadcast To Console": true
    } Bez tytułu.jpg

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  8. "<green>[ChillBot]<end> <orange>Jesteś na serwerze <orange>Hurtword na chilu!<end>",

    on this line you do not have enough <end> you have to add <end> to here

    <orange>Jesteś na serwerze<end> you are missing it. Which is casuing that
  9. but when someone writes something is lag
  10. fix please!!!!!! does not work!!!
    chat flies(((((

  11. Adverts works for me, if you have BetterChat installed, that causes lag, I do not use it anymore because of chat lag.

    Also If the chat flies, you may have something typed out wrong.
  12. Hello I got a guestion I've tryd to edit the advert message for hurtworld.
    I know I can do that on the config file from the advert message.
    So I've edit It on Notepad++ and also on pawno.
    And when I save It and upload It towards the server Its shows me the old one again even I delete de pervious.
    advert message file on the config.
    So what am I doing worng please help me with It

    (ps the teleportation plugin Is also bugged my players can't even see when they have accept a /tpr)
  13. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    That generally means that the config was not edited right, generally broken formatting. If you upload your changed one here, I'll show you what is wrong.
  14. {
    "Messages": [
    "Welcome to our server, enjoy your stay with us!",
    "<orange>Need help?<end> call a admin <cyan>Admins<end> In the mean chat.",
    "Be, respectful to other players.",
    "Cheating/Hacking will turn In a <red>permanent<end> ban.",
    "This server is running <orange>Oxide 2<end>."
    "Go to our forum and register your self to be up todate!"
    " • Index page"
    "Settings": {
    "Adverts Interval (In Minutes)": 5,
    "Broadcast To Console": true

    Only what I've changed Is the time and message what the people needs to get Inside of the game not more

    Ps the /tempban and the /removetempban is also bugged when you tempban someone it doesn't shows the ban on the ban list So can you also fix that for me please
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  15. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    You're missing a comma, so it isn't valid JSON. See the attachment.

  16. Code:
        <green>  "Welcome to Dutch Orders, enjoy your stay!<end>",
        <orange> "Need help? Call for a <end><red>Admin<end><orange> in the chat.<end>",
        <blue>   "Please act mature and be respectfull to others.<end>",
        <cyan>   "Cheating will result in a <end><red>permanet<end><cyan> ban.<end>",
        <yellow> "This server Is running on oxide 2<end>."
        <cyan>   "Join our teamspeak server, TeampSpeak<end>",
        <teal>   "Take a look on our webiste for much info. website:<end>",
        <lime>   "We accept donations in return for great stuff, check it out on the website.<end>"
        <sienna> "Use /help for any available commands on the server.<end>",
      "Settings": {
        "Adverts Interval (In Minutes)": 4,
        "Broadcast To Console": true

    uhmm I'm trying to use this as adver.json but when I'm running this at its saying this to me

    Error: Parse error on line 2:
    { "Messages": < green > "Welcome t
    Expecting 'STRING', 'NUMBER', 'NULL', 'TRUE', 'FALSE', '{', '[', got 'undefined'

    I know the green needs to be <green> and not < green > but this happen like this < green > when I'm pressing on the validate json
  17. @Wulf can you please help me with this because I don't even know what I'm doing worng because I used this before and it was working normaly and know I got this ......?
  18. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin

    The color tags need to be INSIDE the quotes. You are also missing a trailing comma on one line, and the last line in the block needs to have the comma removed.