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RustRCON Admin Tool

Remote admin console for Rust Legacy

Total Downloads: 3,384 - First Release: Mar 27, 2014 - Last Update: May 17, 2014

4.76471/5, 17 likes
  1. Bugfix Update

    Uploaded wrong file.... sorry.
  2. Maintenance/Bug Fix Update

    New Features:
    - Added a drop-down list of server commands in the Console Command input

    Improvements / Changes:
    - improved program exiting code slightly
    - added an automatic 10 second time-out to User Confirmation message boxes
    - updated the Help file to include a list of Server Commands
    - added server disconnections to Connections Log

    - fixed multiple instances bug that resulted in an AutoIt error
    - fixed incorrect reporting of zero players in server
    - fixed...
  3. Major Update

    - UserLoc.ini MUST be renamed to UserLocations.ini
    - Highly recommend a fresh install as many things have changed.

    New Features:
    - added update check as program starts up
    - added RustRCON32 FAQ link
    - added an autoreconnect function if server is disconnected
    - added IP Lookup to Players Tab

    Improvements / Changes:
    - total rewrite of coloring, language and resizing functions
    - French/German/Russian language files removed
    - users are now...
  4. Bugfix Update

    Improvements / Changes:
    - added a heap more blueprints to items
    - added Handmade Lockpick to items
    - changed Matrix theme slightly (Group Headers to Lime)
    - updated the French Translation file (thanks Amatek)
    - updated the German Translation file (thanks Graldur)
    - minor interface tweaks to cater for foreign languages (long words)

    - fixed bug that effected the console, chat & connection logs when they exceeded 500 lines
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  5. Maintenance/Bug Fix Update

    New Features:
    - added the ability for users to create their own custom language files (Custom.ini)
    - new theme: Dark
    - new option: Chat Alert (beeps when a player uses chat)

    Improvements / Changes:
    - you can now give items to more than one player at a time (hold CTRL when selecting players)
    - optimised computer memory usuage by restricting log windows to the last 500 lines of text (saved logs are unlimited).
    - tweaked interface by introducing transparent backgrounds on many...