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RustRCON Admin Tool

Remote admin console for Rust Legacy

Total Downloads: 3,384 - First Release: Mar 27, 2014 - Last Update: May 17, 2014

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  1. Tracker
    RustRCON (Remote Console) is a means to allow administration of your game server without the need to be in the game itself or logged into your GSP server. RustRCON is a free admin tool that provides this remote administration ability by creating a TCP connection to your GSP RUST server using the Source Engine RCON protocols.

    - multiple server logins
    - one button commands
    - ability to set time of day on server
    - viewing of raw console output
    - interactive and time-stamped chat
    - time-stamped connections/disconnections
    - audible alerts for connections/disconnections (doorbell)
    - players can page Admin by typing 'ADMIN-ALERT' in chat
    - viewing of player information
    - view players Steam Profile
    - give kits to individual players
    - give kits to all players
    - kick, ban or give items to players
    - ability to give an item to all players
    - give or take Oxmin flags (if Oxmin installed)
    - teleport a player to another player
    - teleport a player to a specific Rust map point
    - teleport a player to a known location (list of locations included)
    - add your own teleport locations
    - viewing of banned players
    - unban a player
    - save data from console, chat or connections/disconnections
    - customise the interface
    - ability to update your server configuration (non persistent)
    - Unicode (UTF-8) support

    - Extract it to its own directory and simply run the executable (RustRCON32.exe).
    - Make sure you add the line 'chat.serverlog true' to your Server.cfg file on your server or you won't see chat.
    - If you are having problems after installation, check out the FAQ section above.

    Linux/Mac Compatibility:
    Its a Windows program, however, it has been reported as working under Linux Mint. Untested under Linux Wine (yet).

    Source Code:
    It's freeware, not open source so don't ask for the source code unless you are willing to fork out some money.

    If you find bugs or have suggestions, email Tracker at:

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