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RustBoot (Windows)

Server utility made exclusively for Oxide powered Rust Servers.

  1. 0.1.2

    What's done in this version:
    • Overhauled the event GUI
    • Added startup delay to events
    • Added --autoStart true/false (default true)
    • Fixed a bug with restart message appearing even if commanded as force restart
    • Minor behaviour adjustements
    The event GUI now follows the same style as in the general tab, and now also have a delay option. This is handy because you do not want two events at the same interval to fire at once always.

    If the...
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  2. 0.1.0

    What's done in this version:
    • Refactoring of code
    • Error handling
    • Plugin list layout and functionality
  3. 0.0.9a

    What's done in this mini update:
    • Identity field back in general tab
    • Identity not bound to hostname. (yeah i know this was silly).
    • Refactoring of code.
    • Logic stuff.
  4. 0.0.9

    What's done in this version:
    • Changes in GUI layout in the Players tab
    • Ban list / unban in Players tab
    • Import/export server configuration
  5. 0.0.8

    Added in this version:
    • Blueprint/Map/Logs wipe
    • Changes in GUI layout (ongoing)
    • Timed and repeatable events

    About timed events:

    The new tab "Timed events" gives the server admin the ability to easily setup messages and commands to run at specific intervals. This is great for automating announcements and commands without the need of plugins.

    Each entry to the list of events gets a timer that runs on the application side. The application sends the messages and...