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RustBoot (Windows)

Server utility made exclusively for Oxide powered Rust Servers.

  1. Murky

    • Boot configuration in an intuitive user interface
    • Drag and drop enabled plugin GUI for adding, removing, activating and deactivating plugins
    • Timed events. A great tool for automating announcements and events without the need of extra plugins
    • Realtime monitoring of logs. Look at the logs directly in the app at any given time in realtime
    • Player moderation. kick, kill, ban/unban, make moderator, remove moderator privileges.
    • Itembrowser. Give players items and blueprints through the integrated itembrowser.
    • Realtime monitoring of chat messages
    • Arguments
      • --autoStart true/false
        • Boots the saved server immediately. Default false.
    What is currently being worked on
    • Plugin load order
    • Refactoring
    Features in next update
    • Improvements in GUI layout (ongoing)
    • You tell me
    What is on "the list"?
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