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RustAdminTool (RAT)

Rust administration toolbox in web

  1. w1n2k
    Hello, guys!
    I made a online web admin tool, named RAT.


    On current moment it's really unstable and in beta, but it can:
    - Send chat/notice
    - Ban/BanID/Kick/Give/GiveAll/TeleCoords/TelePlayer/RunCommand
    - Admin rights division (chat, kick, ban, give, giveall, teleport, execute, restart, settings, admins)
    - Teleport presets
    - Chat/Console logging
    - MySQL support

    It's developed with node.js + socket.io, and orienteer in realtime administration(no page reloading or so).

    If you have some new ideas or issues, contact me via email
    E-mail: cryfall@gmail.com

    See it on Trello: https://trello.com/b/dynZmdKj/rustadmintool-rat

    Download from GitHub: https://github.com/m1ome/RAT

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