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RustAdminMenu AutoHotkey Script

Total Downloads: 1,385 - First Release: Jan 19, 2014 - Last Update: Jan 19, 2014

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  1. proxywars
    So I had a need for a simple, effective, and fast method of administrating my server. I decided to download a AutoHotKey script for this purpose on github and I found it to be out of date and unmodified for a few months. I put on my developer hat on and got to work! Well after 1,120 deducted lines and 1,248 added lines I am proud to release my updated version and push my release into buckeyemonkey's!
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    My github link is https://github.com/Proxywars.


    1. Main.png
    2. Airdrop.png
    3. Ban.png
    4. God Mode.png
    5. Kick.png
    6. Spawn.png
    7. Steam Ban.png
    8. Teleport.png
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