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RustAdmin RCON Tool

Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

Total Downloads: 24,284 - First Release: Sep 24, 2014 - Last Update: May 15, 2018

4.96825/5, 126 likes

  1. 7.5

    Hi hi

    - Definetly fixes crashes on server restart
    - Fix duplicates in banslist
  2. 7.4

    Some more crash fixes
  3. 7.3

    Quick update to fix the country flags not loading.

    iphub.info has discontinued their free service so I'm switching back to ipinfo.io. The VPN information is no longer available though cause ipinfo.io doesn't provide it.
  4. 7.2

    Hi !

    In today's version :

    - Fix crash cases when the connection with the server is lost (for whatever reason : server restart, network issue, etc...)
    - New feature : you can now send the games statistics (kills/deaths) to an external server. This way you can set up your own database and record the kills by yourself. This setting is located in the statistics tab.
  5. 7.1


    I'm not dead. Sorry for the long time with no update but I got quite busy lately.

    In this new version :

    - Fixed : Game Bans under X days won't auto-kick
    - Fixed : The columns on the Players and Bans pages don't retain their spacing
    - Fixed : On the Players page, the Family Share is always stars. It never shows Yes/No or the Family Share steamID
    - Fixed : Violations never updates. Always *'s.
    - Fixed : Hours on the Server doesn't keep track properly. If RA doesn't have enough data...