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Rust Server Manager

Install / Update / Plugin Manager / AutoBackup / Much More!

Total Downloads: 8,057 - First Release: Jun 8, 2017 - Last Update: Feb 9, 2018

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  1. 5.6.1

    This is a rollback release.

    I've been having some issues with my IDE so I decided to do a full wipe so that I can also install my SSD. Because of that wipe there was a library that was not backed up and it was important as a lot of code was lying there that RSM needs. I can't remake the library and I can't continue on using the VCL framework. I'll be releasing a new version of RSM with a new framework.

    This is the final update (Rollback) for a while...
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  2. 5.6

  3. 5.5

  4. 5.4

  5. 5.3

    Change-log v5.3
    • Added "Add examples" button to custom variables. (This button replaces advanced server variables)
    • RSM Fixes
    • Added a fix thats supposed to fix the error some people are getting when trying to install the server about cannot find path.
    • Updated some links in the background for RSM.
    • Updated the update downloader
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