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Rust Command Center

Player & Admin Command Center with FPS Boost

  1. Arctic
    Rust Command Center is a versatile command center for Rusts most used commands. You can execute these commands by a simple click of your mouse button. Simply install AutoHotkey, open Rust then launch Rust Command Center.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    1. Download and install AutoHotkey
    2. Launch Rust & join your server
    3. Launch Rust Command Center
    4. Be super lazy like me and never type pesky commands again :)

    Note: If nothing happens when you click a button, run the app as administrator and try again.

    The app requires no installation as it is an autorun application.

    NEW* Rust Booster Released!

    If you only want to boost your frame rate and don't need the other commands you can download the standalone Rust Booster.

    Our Server: Legit Rust Official net.connect
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