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Rust Chat Logger

Output, transform and monitor your in-game chat through your browser! (works on vanilla & modded)

Total Downloads: 468 - First Release: Jun 4, 2016 - Last Update: Jul 12, 2016

5/5, 4 likes
  1. 1.2.6

    Cayman Roe
    Update importance: Quite important

    • Fixed a bug where a user would receive the error 'Index out of range' if a false line was detected. The program will now attempt to skip the line, and warn the user that the Log.Chat.txt file contains a false line, and provide its line number. This update is recommended as sometimes even vanilla servers can leak non-chat messages into the chat log. See screenshot for example:
  2. 1.2.5

    Cayman Roe
    Hi all. This update is not overly important. Just some slight aesthetic changes/fixes. v1.2.4 will still work perfectly if you don't have a chance to update today.

    • [Spelling error] Changed 'Gameservers.org' to 'Gameservers.com'
    • [Spelling error] Corrected 'Heavy swearing' spelling in HTML output
    • Changed wording of text output
    Thanks again to the community for pointing out these problems that I missed.
  3. 1.2.4

    Cayman Roe
    • Fixed an issue where users that have filtered keywords in their name resulted in the whole line being highlighted.
    • Improved the filtering recognition algorithm. Swear words and keywords will now be detected regardless of case. Example: (sWeAr/Swear/SWEAR/swear)
    • Greatly expanded the swear word dictionary
    This update is not required, but highly recommended to prevent false positives and improve detection accuracy.

    Big thanks to Colon Blow for...
  4. 1.2.3

    Cayman Roe
    New feature:

    Added 'Since last refresh' feature. When you refresh and new chats has been highlighted since, it will show how many since the last refresh in your browser (see screenshot at bottom).

    Other tweaks:
    • Changed application icon
    • Added favicon when viewing inside web browser
    • Minor code structure improvements
  5. 1.2.2

    Cayman Roe
    • Fixed an issue where occasionally a user gets an error message similar to the following: "[WinError 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. 'Log.Chat.txt'"
    • Consolidated the CSS and HTML files into one single HTML file (no more CSS file to worry about).
    Feel free to delete the 'ruststyle.css' file both locally and on your remote server. It won't be used anymore.