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Rust Booster

A Light Weight standalone Rust Framerate Booster

  1. Arctic
    Rust Booster is a little brother of Rust Command Center. I made this for those who only want to boost their frame rate in Rust. This tool will automate the process and enter commands much faster than you can by hand. Also... it doesn't forget commands :)

    This tool requires AutoHotkey to be installed which you can download for free here.



    1. Download and install AutoHotkey
    2. Launch Rust & join your server
    3. Launch Rust Booster
    4. Be super lazy like me and never type pesky commands again :)

    Note: If nothing happens when you click a button, run the app as administrator and try again.

    If your looking for a tool with more commands and admin abilities with Rust Booster added, try Rust Command Center. Please rate and review this tool as you see fit. I am open to suggestions!

    Our Server: Legit Rust Official net.connect