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Rust Binder

Rust binder, admin teleport, teleport tools

Total Downloads: 214 - First Release: Mar 28, 2014 - Last Update: Mar 28, 2014

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  1. berdyev
    Hello players,

    It's about a time to release my alpha software called Rust Binder. I just started coding it yesterday and it doesn't have much to show. But I plan to add a lot, so keep updated!

    Rust Binder - is a software programmed on AHK language, that helps Server Admins teleport from point A to point B. Just press Num 0 key - Num 9 key to teleport to 10 different locations.

    I recommend you to use "Auto Admin" Plugin (if you don't), in order to not to log in every time, before using Rust Binder.

    Coordinates used from:

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