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Rcon Tool

Execute server commands without getting in-game

Total Downloads: 372 - First Release: Aug 4, 2016 - Last Update: Aug 4, 2016

5/5, 2 likes
  1. Vinerra
    This tool acts as simple RCON tool for Hurtworld. Some commands are not available at in-game.

    Changes to server startup script made from RCON commands are temporary and will reset on server restart.(ex. adding admin when server is running is okay but after server restart it will reset)

    Installation/Usage Instructions:
    1. Press "Download Now" and download RCON tool.
    2. Run Hurtworld Rcon Tool.
    3. Click on "Choose Path..." and navigate to your serverfile ; ex.(Windows) C:\Users\User\Desktop\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Hurtworld Dedicated Server. Ex: (Linux) /home/hwserver2/serverfiles
    4. When you get message Ready to Execute Write your command on Command Field and click "Execute" . Command will be executed immediately and will require 10 second wait time for another command.
    5. You can also choose predefined commands from its field.
    For Linux users this tool requires file write permission to work.

    This tool must be ran from Server Machine and requires a display for GUI (will not work headless.)

    Java 7 or above is recommended. If you don't have Java installed, you can install from: https://java.com/download.