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RCON/FTP/Telegram Bot

Manage your Rust server through RCON and FTP from one app. Telegram RCON bot included.

Total Downloads: 462 - First Release: May 21, 2016 - Last Update: May 21, 2016

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  1. Tarek
    Hi all!

    Finally I decided to finish up and release these two projects.

    Rust RCON & FTP Manager (PC application):
    A simple tool to connect to your Rust Server and manage it.
    -Simple interface
    -Save configs and Scheduled Commands
    -Players table with controls like kick, ban, give (requires Give plugin), and copy player's information for faster use of other commands and a RustDB ban check.
    -Ban table (with option to unban)
    -Plugins table, with options to load, unload and reload plugins.
    -FTP client to manage your server files, with options to Download, Upload, Delete and Rename files.

    Expect updates with more features, this is still in development.

    RustRCONbot (RustRCON Telegram Bot):
    A Telegram bot ( @RustRCONbot ) to connect to and manage your Rust server(s)!
    You can download Telegram on your PC, or use it on web, or right on your smartphone, which means you'll be able to manage your server from your smartphone, and get notifications.
    -Simple interface
    -Use /help to understand how it works.
    -Use /addserver to add your config, then use /connect to connect to a saved config
    -Use /s <command> or -<command> to send a command to connected server. If connected to multiple servers, the bot will ask you which server to send to (with an ALL option to send to all connected servers)
    Other commands are self explanatory

    Expect updates with more features and better interface.

    -Prevent UI freeze when refreshing directory listing.
    -Add support for progress bar for downloading files from FTP (currently only Upload is supported with progress bar).
    -Add "Default Directory" to FTP config. Currently you can just add it in IP text box, so it will be like ip/server/servername/oxide

    If you have any problems, bugs, or suggestions, please contact me on Tare.kkk@outlook.com or @Tarekkk on Telegram.
    I still work on these projects daily, so expect fast fixes to bugs if you report.
    I hope you like and enjoy them!
    Consider donating to show support.
    (Multiple "K" always in my name due to unavailability of usernames)
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