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OxideComposer - Linux Plugin+Oxide Management

Update RustServer+Oxide & install/update plugins in Linux easily.

Total Downloads: 215 - First Release: Mar 25, 2016 - Last Update: May 17, 2016

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  1. 0.4

    + self-update command
    Code (Text):
    ocomposer self-update
    + ocomposer install now also accepts urls, ex:
    Code (Text):
    ocomposer install http://oxidemod.org/plugins/stack-size-controller.1185/

    If you had a previous version, just follow OComposer install steps and it will be replaced with the latest version.
  2. 0.3

    + Now you can update Rust & Oxide from ocomposer too
    Code (Text):
    ocomposer full-update
    = Indention refactor
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  3. 0.2

    + Simple setup to autocreate ocomposer.json
    = Fix: Accept (plugin) versions having a hyphen (ex: 4.1-01)