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Market Price Calculator

Price calculator configuration tool

  1. jinyonglee
    It is important to enable macros when opening this file. The macro function: is to instantly copy the export script into your clipboard.


    Excel format calculator for economy plugins
    • Basic Economy compatible
    • Extended Economy compatible
    Simply adjust the values for basic materials then the entire item price will calculate according to the basic materials.
    • Tax
    • Military Tax
    • Blueprint sell percentage
    Tax and military tax is used to extend player's endgame progression. It adds control over inventory resource abundance by inflating overall price or deflating it. Blueprint sell percentage is used to add value for players looting blueprints that have already been researched.

    How to export: Jsonlint
    Click the 'copy' button in the excel ui and paste it into jsonlint to validate your script. This process is just to make sure that your price list is not broken or have errors.

    Future Updates:
    - Checklist will be added for customization (ie. If server don't sell military weapons, then uncheck the list so it does not include into the export script)
    - export into a .txt file so drag and drop to overwrite file can easily update.
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