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JRustRCON Java RCON Tool

A simple Java tool for connecting to and issuing commands to a server

  1. Damn Repeating text

    Mr. Bubbles
    - Finally fixed that damn repeating "Not Connected" text bug
  2. Fixes & new menu option

    Mr. Bubbles
    - Fixed repeating disconnected text
    - Added menu for setting refresh interval
    - Added checkbox option for auto-scrolling text
  3. 1.0.0 release

    Mr. Bubbles
    Changes in 1.0.0:
    - Major internal code restructuring
    - Buttons enable/disable properly according to connection status
    - Connection status is now correctly detected, even if remote end closes connection
    - Options in GUI can now be saved to disk and loaded on startup
    - Added more color scheme options
    - Auto-Status Check checkbox removed. Behavior is now default.
    - Status check button removed. Behavior is now default.
  4. Fixed User Table

    Mr. Bubbles
    Fixed bug in user table with user being repeated
    More efficient processing of output area to prevent hangs
    Added options to change UI color

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