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JRustRCON Java RCON Tool

A simple Java tool for connecting to and issuing commands to a server

  1. Mr. Bubbles
    There are far better programs for this kind of thing already on the forum. This just happens to be the one I wrote. :)
    Don't trust me? Don't use it. ;)

    It works on the current development branch. I only tried it on Legacy for a moment and it did not work. Basically allows you to connnect and issue commands to the server via rcon. There is a basic user list with some right-click menu functions (kick, ban, kickall, and owner). The other commands need to be entered through the "Run Command" button. A list of available commands can be found with the "List Commands" button. Fancy that.

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    There are a few bugs that I know about already.
    • Sometimes the status command does not return the current status (infrequent & trivial, usually on reconnecting)
    • The text in the output area may be 'run together' sometimes. The server likes to return responses in a big string with no line breaks.
    • Lack of useful error messages. I plan on adding popups to give more information about what actually went wrong.
    • Fairly certain I jacked up the kick command in the user table in 1.1.1 too. It requires the player's steam id and I'm giving it the player's name which would explain why it's not working. Sorry 'bout that one. It'll be fixed in 1.2.0. You can always enter the command manually with "Run Command" since I flubbed it in the menu.
    Requires the Java 7 JRE to run.

    I'm currently working on version 1.2.0 which will include an ability to check a player's ban statuses through Steam. That feature is pretty much ready to go. I'm holding back the release because I need to work on how the program handles the server responses. It seems that if you send multiple commands or a command immediately after it attempts a status update, the program gets confused on what responses go to what command and you will end up getting "disconnected" or will end up with incorrect data in the users table. So I want to get that straightened out before the next release.

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