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Jedi's Crafting and Loot Tables Creator

Config file creator for crafting and loot tables

Total Downloads: 2,761 - First Release: Jan 28, 2014 - Last Update: Feb 28, 2014

4.8/5, 10 likes
  1. Major update

    Hey guys, thanks again for all the support and feedback. We step directly to 2.0 since the tool is near its final state, after that, I'll keep updating as the game/plugins changes.

    Here's what's new:
    • Redesigned the layout, removed a lot of junk. I removed the reference name as I found it quite useless. Now you select the items directly instead of them being copied to the other edit box.
    • Fixed invalid json error when loading an empty list or an empty object.
    • Fixed the...
  2. Minor fixes + New feature

    • Fixed app detecting AILootList as a custom list
    • Changed generated "BlockedResearch" to "BlockedResearching"
    • You can now use the mousewheel to scroll the app.
    • Added a global view tree for the loot tables
    Changed the layout a bit again. I'm not yet satisfied but I'm done for tonight. Added a file menu along with some shortcuts.
    • Ctrl+E quick saves
    • Ctrl+F let you search a string and check all checkboxes containing that string. If you wanted to...
  3. Resize Fix - Tested and working

    • Changed ZombieLootList to AILootList
    • Fixed scrollbars on smaller resolutions. Tested & working.
    • Added kevlar items to researching and crafting sections
    • Redesigned the app. A bit bigger but less cludered.
  4. Resize fix - Tested & Workking + Redesign

    See latest update.
  5. Minor update

    Minor fixes:
    • Changed "Stone" to "Stones"
    • Attempt at fixing application resolution not adapting for some users - not working - see next update.