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  1. Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

  2. Install / Update / Plugin Manager / AutoBackup / Much More!

  3. Simple tool to pick colors in the Rust argb format

  4. Update RustServer+Oxide & install/update plugins in Linux easily.

  5. RCON Web Admin as a powerful web interface to control your RCON server.

  6. Output, transform and monitor your in-game chat through your browser! (works on vanilla & modded)

  7. Manage your Rust server through RCON and FTP from one app. Telegram RCON bot included.

  8. A simple Rust server batch script generator.

  9. Launcher and server instance manager for Rust Experimental

  10. Server utility made exclusively for Oxide powered Rust Servers.

  11. Updates every Oxide plugin (www.oxidemod.org) to its latest version